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Impact: The team has since continued to liaise with campus mental health initiatives, the Health Promotion and Work Life Services office, and the International Student Office to implement and launch our network proposal.


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2010: Columbia-Shuswap Regional District “Recovering Resources, Re−Enforcing Community”

Role: Informed social dimensions of triple−bottom line goals of waste management in Columbia−Shuswap Regional District in Interior British Columbia.

Impact: Some of the recommendations in this paper helped form Phase II of the current waste management plan (2015).

2010: University of Victoria, School of Environmental Studies “Urban Metabolism and Sustainability at UVic: Closing the Loop”

Role: Informed the University of Victoria, School of Environmental Studies on the political, social, and educational factors involved in the development of an activist oriented undergraduate course.

Impact: The school used the paper to develop the course ES 462: Environmental Protection.