MeganMegan Lukasewich,BPE

MS Student (Health Promotion)



Megan Lukasewich is an MSc at the School of Public Health, specializing in Health Promotion and is supervised by Dr. Cindy Jardine. She currently holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree with a minor in activity and nutrition from the University of Alberta. Partnered with both an urban and a remote Aboriginal community, Megan aims to explore from the perspective of the project participants, what the impact of using a community-based participatory research approach to health promotion is on the communities. She will explore with Aboriginal youth and community partners, their experiential impact of participating in a tobacco prevention project and the outcomes of positively engaging Aboriginal youth as change agents and health promoters in their communities. The results will contribute new knowledge on how participatory health promotion programs can promote Aboriginal youth as health leaders.

Megan has received funding to support her research from the University of Alberta (2012-2014), Canadian Circumpolar Institute (2013-2014), Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (2013-2014), Arctic Institute North America (2013-2014) and Canadian Institute of Health Research (2013-2015).

Currently, Megan is completing her Community-Based Research and Evaluation Certification from the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta. She is also a non-profit board intern with HIV Edmonton through Community Service Learning, University of Alberta and volunteers as a Strategy Development Assistant on the City of Edmonton Poverty Elimination Initiative.