Jenilee Guebert






Jenilee Guebert started working as a research assistant with Dr. Bubela in October 2011. She is currently a JD student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. Prior to this she served as the Director of Research for the Global Health Diplomacy Program, G8 Research Group and the G20 Research Group, based at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Trinity College at the University of Toronto, where she continues to consult. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Calgary in 2007. She has also pursued academic studies at the University of Toronto and the University of Saskatchewan.

She is currently focused on researching the effects of commercialization in universities on global health research; how to overcome barriers to accessing essential medicines; the absence of litigation with regards to Mutual Transfer Agreements; and determining the perceived legal, ethical, social and scientific challenges (and solutions to them) in the area of stem cells from various officials working in the field.